Money, now there is a word that peaks peoples interest. We take money into consideration for every decision we make in our lives. It has been said that money is,  “the root of all evil”, that “when we have money we have power”, and “money makes our world go round”. But, is that really true? I think we need to ask ourselves; Is it the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil? Is money the only way to have abundance in life? Shouldn’t LOVE make the world go round? Can we have appreciation and live a life of gratitude even without money?

It is our responsibility in life to understand ourselves, our relationships and what money means to us. If we don’t understand these things then we will not have abundance in life. The mistakes we make in our lives are many, a lot are from good intentions; not knowing how to create boundaries, not trusting ourselves, never coming to the realization that our lives are not defined by our external situations, but by our internal beliefs and ideas and for some of us not realizing that we can love money, but in a balanced way.

As we get older and have had to make our own decisions about money most of what we’ve learned came from our primary care givers. We learned about money mostly by watching them and how they handled money and what they thought about money. This may have given us some misconceived notions about it. Some of us think that money is out there somewhere and if we could just get to “somewhere” we could bring it into our lives. Some of us think we don’t deserve money because of our background or the beliefs and ideas we were given as a child about money. And then there are some of us that think that the system is just not set up for us to have money. We look at people with money and think they have all the answers, but, just because a person has money doesn’t mean they know anything more than how to make money. So, we need to do the work of knowing ourselves first, then, whether we have money or not, we will have Wisdom and Knowledge which gives us Power, and, that, my friends, is the true meaning of abundance in life!

I just recently read about money being described as:
M = My
O = Own
N = Natural
E = Energy
Y = Yield….

by Sarah Ban Breathnach, best selling author of two books, “Simple Abundance” and “Peace and Plenty


Some people, especially women, are bought up to think that we are not good with money. In the past men were the ones who were taught about money and how to get it. We looked to the man of the house to bring in the money. Men were set up to understand that it was their job to make sure they make and bring home the money. Which made women think they didn’t deserve to make a lot of money. Times may have changed the gender roles, but I don’t think it has changed our beliefs about money, all that has changed is who is bringing in the money. The person who doesn’t bring in the most money or any money is sometimes looked at as inferior. We are made to believe that with money comes power. But, that does not bring true abundance in life.

When we remove the emotional and spiritual affects from our lives and only focus on money we will,

“know the price of everything, but the value of nothing”, Jacob Needleman.

Our value does not come only from money, but also from the emotional and spiritual energy we bring to our relationships. Money may come from our time and our creative energy, but we also have to get rid of our emotion, because money doesn’t care about emotion. Money will take care of us, but, if we open our lives up to all that is available to us by holding the space for every aspect of our lives, that’s when we have true abundance in life .

Money brings on so many negative emotions like, fear; fear of, losing it,  how we spend it, investing it, or just not having it; shame, the shame of making mistakes with money, the shame of not being able to afford the things that we want for our families or the shame of what we spend our money on like, spontaneous buys on things that we never even use, and frustration; frustrated with the fact that we work so hard and never get ahead, the frustration of seeing others get ahead, but we are stuck, or frustrating ourselves, trying so hard to get where we think other people are. These negative emotions bring us down and make us feel unworthy, but this is not our real self. These emotions are not who we really are. They do not bring us real abundance in life.

If we allow money to bring out negative emotions from inside of us, we will not have the life we truly deserve. In order for us to feel supported and joyful and receive what we truly deserve in life, we need to become aware of our true inner self.  By becoming aware of the emotions we associate with money we can reveal that true inner self. Money only magnifies who really are. If we are a jerk before we have money, then we will be a bigger jerk with money. Money is only a means to an end. When we do the work inside us first, money will only enhance our inner beauty and give us the tools we need to have true abundance in life.

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  1. You asked for my reply. The end of the blog is entirely correct. The beginning paragraph has some incorrect sentences. It is said “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil”, not Money is. Money is just an exchange to purchase “things with”, but UR right about all the views and myths. The other sentence corrected is “Love Makes the World Go Around”.

    The only other correction is True abundance comes from Wisdom, Knowledge, Discernment and Understanding. That is your true Power. The remainder is so true and when you talked about women, fear & worth, brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for this:-) In love and light, Pat Dunn

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