Planning for Success in Business

Why do women entrepreneurs not plan for success and have a “lets just see what will happen” kind of attitude when it comes to their businesses? Why do women feel more responsible for their home, children, and husband, than they do for their business?


Planning is the key. Most women start a business because they are looking to make a little extra money, not really looking at where their business can grow to. We women think we are just going to help out with the bills until our husband finds a job, or work picks back up. We don’t take what we are doing very seriously. We don’t visualize where we want our business to be in 5 years, and then, create the system and operate the business as if we were already there. But this is the mindset that will propel our businesses to succeed. Because then, when the business starts to take off and become successful, the system and the infrastructure will be in place to support it and the business will continue to grow.


When we go into business, what is our mindset? Are we in hobby mindset, “oh I just need to make a little extra money and I’ll be fine”? Or are we in the mindset of looking at ourselves as the CEO of our own enterprise, which sometimes, as women, we are afraid to even say. If that is our mindset we must change that thought. When we first think about becoming an entrepreneur it is usually because we have found a problem and we are going to solve it. The purpose of starting a business, shouldn’t be just to make a few extra dollars, because then the business is not going to be successful. The purpose has got to be much more important and passionate than making money otherwise its not going to succeed.


What is the common mindset in women who struggle in business? With the economy the way it is today, with things getting kind of crazy, and things not really going well, the first thing we want to do is withdraw. Not just the business, but also personally, our spirits withdraw as well. In the economy right now there is so much opportunity for business. To start a business or to grow a business, but we have to get to a point of expanding where we think we can go. Do things that inspire us, things that inspire our spirits. We shouldn’t be going around looking and feeling like we are in lack. We need to keep ourselves upbeat; drink out of our fancy glasses, eat off of our good china, dress nicely, even if we don’t have to leave the house. These are the things that will inspire our spirits to succeed. If we are not inspired we are not going to do well in business.


If our sales are down, the first thing we want to do is cut back and consolidate as much as possible. But the reality is, since that is what everybody else is doing, it is time to do more. Get out and meet people and network and talk about your business. Regardless of what is going on in the economy, we need to trust ourselves. Whatever the economy is doing doesn’t matter, in the end it is up to us and how passionate we are about what we are doing. So, don’t withdraw, expand instead, which makes us more creative and solution oriented; it makes us trust ourselves more, and as long as we believe in ourselves and the service we are providing, we will have the great feeling, that in the midst of struggle, we can recognize who we are and what we are made of. Look for ways to be creative, take advantage of new opportunities, get stronger, tougher, and step up.


The first step in creating a new mindset is to decide that we are going to do it. Once we decide that we are going to do it, then we need to decide,  what is the purpose, what is our passion, so that when adversity strikes, we will do whatever it takes, because we want to grow. The reason why successful people succeed is because they have failed more. But in their failures they haven’t given up. When we are passionate about what we are doing, even when we make mistakes, we will keep on trying.


One of the biggest mistake people make is thinking that their service or their product is the most important thing. But, what we don’t understand is that it is all the systems around the business; the marketing, the accounting, the cashflow, the legal aspect, these are the things that make a business. So we need to plan for abundance and be ready for increased business when it comes. Which will come with abundance thinking.

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