Balanced Energy, Balanced Life

When we think about energy we usually think about the energy we use to power our car, or our house, or even our body, but, the energy that I am talking about is the energy that powers our life. We use this energy everyday without even being aware of it. This kind of energy is the energy we feel when we walk into a room where two people have been fighting, and even though they may not be speaking, there is an energy in the room. Most people will even say, “the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife”. This is the same energy that surrounds two people who are madly in love, then, we might hear the phrase, “Love is in the air”. There is no denying that this energy exist, we feel it all the time, but, it’s just not something that is acknowledged all the time.

In our life, this is the energy that drives us to take action. This energy is what gives us the desire to fulfill our basic needs for, food, clothing and shelter, which also includes the need to connect to humanity and the environment. This energy is what pushes us to be a creative and powerful force, using our sexuality and creativity together with our power and sensitivity to accomplish our goals in life. Its what gives us our desire to love and be loved, while also giving us the ability to communicate with others openly and freely, to listen and be heard. This energy also gives us our more spiritual desires like, insight and knowledge, together with, fulfillment and contentment. When all these areas of our life are in harmony and flowing freely, we have balanced energy and a balanced life. We are healthy and strong and we are able to live a life that fulfills all our desires.

We should understand that this energy is a system in our body and in this system there are certain points of concentrated energy. I have written a book that explains how each of these energy points are associated with a certain area of our body. It starts at the root energy and works up through the body to the crown energy.


That doesn’t necessarily mean that each of these points are an entity in and of themselves. When our energy system is opened and balanced each point flows into another, working together, to create peace, harmony and contentment in our life. I believe that each day carries it’s own energy. So, as we will go through each day, we can connect a certain energy point with a certain day. The reason why I use one day to focus on one energy point is to help us become aware of each energy point and see how it works in our life as a whole. So, once we have accomplished our goal of recognizing our energy points, we will find that there are certain triggers throughout each day that will remind us of a certain energy point, no matter what day it is.

I have written this book to help each of us learn how to integrate our energy system and be aware of how it works, in our day to day life. In each chapter I explain, why we are connecting an energy point to a certain day, what the benefits can be for focusing on that energy point and the areas of the body that energy point affects. We will go through some of the exercises that are beneficial in getting a certain energy flowing and I will explain how, even what we eat and how we eat it, carries an energy with it. We will find out how, what we wear affects us and those around us, how what we focus on throughout the day makes us aware of a certain energy point and even add in some “me” time at the end of our day to help us unwind. By using each day to focus on one energy, we will, then, become so familiar with that energy, that when we see, hear, touch, taste or know certain triggers on any given day, we will recognize them, and associate them with the appropriate energy point. Then, we will begin to notice, that our energy is moving and flowing freely and how it is affecting our life.

There are many energy points in our body, but in the book, we focus on the seven major ones. We have a root energy point that grounds and connects us, we have a sexual energy point that connects us to our creativity, there’s our core energy point that connects us to our power, our heart energy connects us to love, our throat energy connects us to our communication, our brow energy point connects us to our intuition and our crown energy point connects us to our spirituality. Getting these energies integrated into a free flowing, balanced, opened and aligned
system is what we are aiming for by focusing on the different areas of our life. By taking control of our own life and not waiting for someone to come along a get us out of our situations, we will look, feel and move differently in the world. It is up to each individual person to do what they can to make their life better.

Chakra Energy

The reason why it is important for each individual to pursue a healthy life is because it affects society as a whole. If we look at ourselves as being a vehicle for energy, then, as we move through our day, we are the only ones who can be responsible for the energy we bring with us. That energy doesn’t just stay with us, it radiates out from us and into the world, that’s why we can feel tension or love in the air. If we are not happy, satisfied, content or healthy, then we have to ask ourselves, “What kind of energy am I putting out into the world?” And then, if we look at that energy collectively, we can see that it makes a difference in how our whole world operates. If we had more happy, satisfied, content and healthy people in the world, then, our world would be a happy, content, satisfying and healthy place to live.

This energy system is working in our life right now, without us even recognizing it. If we focus our attention on certain aspects of our life and become aware of how this energy system operates, then, by changing certain things we do, we can tap into it and use it to change our life. Awareness is the key, focusing on each moment and staying in the present is what helps us balance our energy and our life. This is not a process that happens overnight or within the week. We will not get through the book, come to the end of the week and say, “O.K., my life is completely changed and I am balanced, healthy and happy”. That’s not how it works, it is different for everybody. One person may get to the end of the week and see a difference, another person may get to the end of the week and see no change at all. It depends a lot on how much effort and time we put into changing and how seriously we take what we are doing. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a book that is going to be a physical boot camp. It is more like boot camp for the soul, it is fun and happy, but also, hard and emotional. But, if we really want to see change in our life we have to go through some challenges, but, it is those challenges that give us a sense of accomplishment, which is how we change our life.

I do not expect that as we go through each day we will be able to accomplish everything in that day. Like I said it is a process that has to be integrated slowly into our lives. It may take days, months or even years, depending on how much we desire to change. I know that this book may not be for everyone, you may be a person who does not believe what I am saying or you may be a person who doesn’t really want to change, or you may even believe that it does work, but don’t want to put the time and effort into it right now. That’s O.K., because everyone is on their own path, with their own timing and living their own truth. That is what life is all about anyway, living your own truth and learning your own lessons. I am not trying to convince anyone they should do anything. I am not trying to start my own cult or religious movement. I look at this book as if I am planting a seed, sometimes the seed falls on rocky ground, which means it may take some time for it to sink in and take root or it doesn’t take root at all; it may fall into weeds, which means that there may be too much clutter and confusion in ones life right now for this information to be useful and then, it may fall onto fertile ground, where it is the right thing at the right time, but, whatever ground it falls on it will still take time to grow. I have learned in the past twenty years or so about this energy that moves through us and I am using it to change my life and I just want to share this information with you.

Another thing I would like to touch on is, just because we are balancing our energy and our life doesn’t mean that nothing challenging will ever again happen in our life. We will still get angry, sad, hurt, depressed at times, and even have a moment or two of guilt, rage or regret. We have been told that these are negative or bad emotions. We have been taught to suppress these emotions. We read self-help books, take medication, meditate and pray trying to get rid of these emotions. What I would like to do is give a different perspective. What if we were to embrace these emotions? What if to look at these emotions as tools to help us get to know ourselves better. For centuries we have been looking for ways to get rid of them, pushing them down by not acknowledging them. I don’t believe that is working, because I don’t believe we are supposed to be doing that. I believe we are supposed to be using them for our benefit and the benefit of others.

Here’s what I mean. Suppose we get mad at someone for something they have done to us. We feel justified in our anger so we tell people how a certain someone made us angry and how we are justified in our anger and then those people tell someone and on and on. So now we have created these negative energy trails. Now, lets look at the same scenario differently, instead of telling people about our negative experience, what if we say to ourselves, “What is it about me that made me so angry at that person or situation?”. WHAT!, you might say, ME?, I didn’t do anything, why should I blame myself? Here’s the thing, its not about blame, its about opening up to who we really are and finding out what it is that makes us tick. If we ask ourselves a question about being angry, sad, frustrated or whatever, we might find that it is our belief’s about how we should be treated or what someone else should or shouldn’t be doing or saying. It is about us, not them. They have just triggered something inside us that has opened up an old emotional wound or are even mirroring what we don’t like about ourselves. By asking ourselves questions about our negative emotions we can use them to heal us, which will start to make us think differently about things. We can do this with any emotion we ever have, if we want to find out why we are the way we are, all we have to do is ask our self, “Why am I having this emotion”, good or bad, and we can’t just ask, we have to answer.

I’m sure we have all heard the saying, “Life is a roller coaster”, but what I’m saying is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Yes, we still have emotions, but, those emotions do not have to run our life. We don’t have to give into the impulse to act on our emotions. We can look at everything through the same lens of love, love for others and love for ourselves. We can use our emotions as learning tools, not for what we learn about other people, but, what we learn about ourselves. We will no longer need to place blame or guilt, we will no longer have to hold grudges and get revenge, because the more we know about ourselves the more compassion we will have for others, knowing that none of us are faultless, we all deserve forgiveness and should be forgiving.

There is a quote I love about forgiveness that says, “Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past could be any different”, I love this because it means that we do not have to forgive for the other person, we forgive for our self, so that we don’t have to carry so much emotional baggage, which makes it easier for us to move on. The only time in our life that is real is the present. We can not change the past and we do not know what the future holds. The only part of our life that is real and holds the truth is right now, in each moment.

So, I hope you enjoy the book, I pray that each day brings you closer to being the person you truly want to be. Even if this book isn’t for you, whatever it is that you believe and hold true is what is good for you. This is what makes our world such a wonderful place to be in. We can hold our own truths inside of us and never let them go. No matter what is happening around us, no one can touch what is inside of us. We hold the key to the answers of our life, we know instinctively what is good for us. We just have to listen to our inside for answers, instead of looking to the outside. We don’t have to be so quick to place blame on others for our situations, our emotions and our actions, we don’t have to be so unhappy, feeling like we have to work ourselves to death to feel like we are successful. We can realize the important things in life are, having relationships, caring about our environment and enjoying our life; we don’t have to hate our jobs, hoard our money or worship our things. Life can be easy if we just learn to let go of control and trust that things work out the way they are supposed to, whether we are striving against the current or going with the flow. If we allow ourselves the freedom to let go of everything, then we are attached to nothing, and then fear cannot control us any longer.

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“Balanced Energy, Balanced Life”, By Sindy Williams

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