Holiday Scents That Will Cheer You Up!

Nothing signals the holidays like the scent of Christmas spices!

These seasonal spices offer more than just their flavor – scientists have found they also have health benefits that’ll keep you feeling great, energetic and stress-free, all season long.

Gingerbread cookies in the oven…mulled cider simmering away…the scent of clove-studded oranges arranged on the table…I’m feeling happier already!! Let’s take a look at how these holiday scents can help you feel more focused, less frazzled and energized to get more done while still remaining in a good mood. Sound impossible? Read on my friend….

GINGER! add this doTERRA essential oil to your difusser!

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Ease tension headaches with ginger!

Holiday stress making your head hurt? You know ginger is great for nausea and new research shows it can soothe a headache too! A study found ginger can relieve symptoms with 30 minutes as effectively as prescription meds, but without the side effects! Compounds in ginger block the production of pain-causing prostaglandins and relax blood vessels, stopping headaches in their tracks. When you feel that headache coming on, grab your bottle of doTERRA ginger oil and sniff away the pain!

CINNAMON! add doTerra cinnamon oil to any recipe!

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Counteract sugary sweets with cinnamon

Simply adding a little cinnamon to those holiday treats can block some of their unhealthy effects! In one study, diabetes patients who had just 1/4 tsp. ground cinnamon daily saw their blood sugar plunge by 30% and had lower cholesterol levels and fewer fat lipids in their blood than non-cinnamon-eaters!

PEPPERMINT! place one drop each of doTERRA Peppermint, Wild Orange & Frankincense in the palm of your hand and inhale for a mid-day pick-me-up.

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SAGE! add doTERRA essential oil to coconut oil to use a a message oil!

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Feel focused with sage

It’s not just an herb you put in the holiday stuffing: Sage has been synonymous with “wisdom” for centuries, and new research proves it really does boost your brainpower! When British scientists had volunteers take a memory test, the group that had consumed sage beforehand scored much higher and recalled more words than those who took a placebo. Compounds in sage prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine, a chemical that transmits messages in the brain. No stuffing? Sage is great with veggies too!



Calm frazzled nerves with vanilla

If the stress of your to-do list has you so wound up you’re not sleeping, the scent of vanilla can help, says neurologist Alan Hirsch, M.D.! Research shows folks sleeping in a vanilla-scented room fell asleep faster and felt better rested in the morning than they did in an unscented room. Scientist used to credit the fact that the scent evoked comforting childhood memories, but new research shows animals experience the same effect – which suggest vanillin, the ingredient that gives vanilla its aroma, contains a chemical that works biologically. Simply sniff some vanilla extract.



Warm up – and brighten your mood with allspice!

Don’t let the name fool you: Though this spice has the flavor and aroma of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg, it’s not a spice mix – it’s a berry! Allspice contains eugenol, an essential oil that boosts circulation and warms the body and kills fungi and bacteria; Russian soldiers in the Napoleonic Wars put allspice in their boots to protect their feet from cold and disease! The aroma has also been shown to improve mood, a reason it’s now in colognes and perfumes.

CLOVES! add one drop of doTERRA Clove oil to toothpaste to clean teeth and gums!

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Get more done with cloves!

When researchers in Tokyo looked at brain scans of volunteers exposed to different scents, they found that the scent of cloves actually increases beta waves in the front of the brain, leading to more alertness, concentration and energy. In fact, cloves have even been shown to improve memory and boost happiness levels! Stud an orange with whole cloves for a festive holiday accent, or simply diffuse it to energize the room!

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