Clever Ways To Use A Common Coffee Filter!

Coffee filters don’t have to be just for filtering coffee. Here are some clever ways to use a common coffee filter!

1 Line a flowerpot!

Place a coffee filter in the bottom of a flowerpot before adding the dirt and plant – the porous paper allows water to drain without allowing nutrient rich soil to leak out the hole.


2 Refresh your face!

No need to buy expensive face-blotting sheets! Cut a coffee filter into little squares to remove shine and oil from your face!

3 Make scented sachets!

Fill a filter with potpourri and tie shut with a pretty ribbon! The scent will waft through the paper to fill your drawers with a pleasant fragrance!


4 Shine Your Mirrors!

A cheaper alternative to paper towels, coffee filters clean glass surfaces without leaving lint or streaks behind!

5 Protect your china!

Before stacking your good plates and bowls, slide a coffee filter between each piece. The layer provides a cushion that protects porcelain from scratches and marks.


6 Wine saver!

Broke the cork into the wine bottle? Use a coffee filter to sift our the fine cork remnants while decanting the vino into a pitcher.

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