APRIL 1, 2020

Astrology Forecast

The Moon moves quickly through the zodiac, so these transits will only last a day or two.

Moon in Cancer square Sun in Aries

The Moon is at home in Cancer. It will give us the feeling of wanting to be home, Cancer’s love home & family and are emotional, which is very appropriate for what we are all going through right now.

Square’s represent challenges, tension and/or obstacles, which also represents what we’re going through right now. This is particularly challenging with the Sun in Aries.

The Sun is dynamic and fiery, it’s about me and what I want, just like Aries, who is ruled by Mars, he is also dynamic and fiery. This energy makes us want to go out and do things. It can be selfish as it motivates us and spurs us on to do what we want to do.

The Moon is squaring up to the Sun. He’s saying, “it’s time to relax, settle down and focus on home & family.” But, the Sun in Aries being feisty and energetic, says, “Get out of my way so I can go out and make things happen!”

This aspect could be bring tension, depending on how you use it. I feel like the best thing you can do is get outside with your family. Soak up some sunshine, be active and let go of some pent up energy.

Moon in Cancer trine Mercury in Pisces

We already know that the Moon in Cancer gives us the warm, cozy feeling of being at home with family. When you add in a trine with Mercury in Pisces, our minds are on the same wavelength as our emotions. We can express ourselves much more colorfully, coming up with imaginative ways to communicate, having deeper conversations about things that truly matter to us.

Moon in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces

This is an extremely sweet transit. The Moon at home in Cancer gives us a since of being cuddled up by a fire with loved ones. This trine is a harmonious angle of support to Neptune, who is also at home in Pisces. Neptune is dreamy, inspirational and brings out our psychic abilities.

These two trines can be used as weapons against the harsh square happening between the Moon and Sun. We can pull energy from them by being creative & active. Listen to one another, Pisces is a giving sign, they like to see other people happy. Use this to energy to help those in need, giving of whatever resources you have in creative ways. We all have something we can be grateful for and the planets are aligned today to help you figure out how to use this time in a beautiful way.

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