No need to crank up the AC this summer: With these heat-busting ingredients, looking cool and classy is a cinch!

Because the aloe plant is extra succulent – it’s 99.3% water -its gel is intensely cooling and hydrating.

Swap out your regular body lotion for aloe lotion or an aloe gel: Your ordinary moisturizer may be too heavy for a hot humid day, making your skin fell tacky – but aloe gel absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it soft and dry! Get it here…

The new aloe-based foundations glide on smooth and cool to perfect your skin tone. And because the pH value in aloe is almost identical to that of your own skin, it feels light and natural. Best of all, it won’t melt in the sun like heavy oil-based foundations. Get it here…

When heat and humidity keep you tossing and turning, cold eye treatments give your brain the “cool down” signal to bring on slumber so you wake up gorgeous.

Nearly 100% water, cucumbers cool and hydrate the skin around your eyes. Place a cucumbers in the fridge to boost their cooling power. Then, before bed place a couple of slices on your eyes. Lay back and relax as they sooth away the swelling and plump fine lines.

Forget drippy cold compresses! Try cold therapy masks filled with soft-gel beads that are cold and dry. Pop one in the freezer and put it over your eyes before bed. You’ll be cool for hours! Don’t want to spend the money on a mask? Put two spoons in the freezer, then before bed place them over your eyes.

A mint-infused shampoo stimulates blood flow to the scalp, delivering nutrients that promote hair growth. Plus mint regulates the scalps pH level to make dandruff a thing of the past! Get it here…

Minty body washes also help loosen tight muscles. Get it here…

Eucalyptus oil releases oxygen molecules as soon as it touches the skin, producing a refreshing chilly sensation.

Feeling hot? Quickly rolling eucalyptus oil right over your pulse points – neck, wrist, chest, ankles, crook of elbow and behind the knee – will instantly spread a refreshing cooling sensation throughout your entire body! Get it here…


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