People use astrology for many different reasons. Whether it be a mundane, general forecast, like your daily horoscope using just your Sun sign, or a more in depth, personal reading of how all the planets were aligned at the moment of your birth. The cool thing about it is, it works either way. The following is a general view of how astrology works, making it easier for you to interpret your monthly forecasts.


Astrologers can only write about general forecasts, like daily Sun sign horoscopes or monthly general forecasts for everyone. That’s because your natal chart is as personal as your fingerprints, no two are alike. Your natal chart is a snapshot of exactly where the planets were at the time of your birth.

Time and location are important factors to an in depth reading of your natal chart. The planets are constantly moving through space, consequently if don’t know what time or where you were born, you won’t be able to get a completely accurate reading.

Speaking of planets, in astrology, the Sun and the Moon are considered planets, as well as Pluto. As our solar system moves through space, the planets align with different constellations. These constellations are the zodiac signs. There is way too much to write about the constellations and the myths behind them, so for the sake of time and space, I won’t be going into all that.

Your natal chart, as stated above, is a snap shot of how the sky looked at the moment of your birth and is represented as a wheel. Around the outside of the wheel are the Sun signs (constellations). The inside of the wheel is divided into houses, one through twelve. As the planets transit in a counter clockwise motion through the signs and houses, they form aspects to each other and to your natal chart. Below is an image of my chart.

Signs & Planets

Each sign has a ruling planet. Each planet has it’s own personality that is reflected in the sign. Below is a list of each sign, it’s ruling planet and it’s personality. This is not an exhausted list of all their personality traits, but it will at least give you an idea about each one. You will learn more about them just by reading the astrology posts.

AriesMarsFiery, energetic, take charge
TaurusVenusRomance, pleasure, comfort
GeminiMercuryLogical, curious, unemotional
CancerMoonSensitive, emotions, nurturing
LeoSunEgo, vitality, stamina
VirgoMercuryPractical, rational, decisive
LibraVenusSocial, charming, relationships
ScorpioPlutoDeep feelings, intuitive, psychic
SagittariusJupiterAdventure, exploration, luck
CapricornSaturnLessons, ambitious, stable
AquariusUranusInsightful, dependable, stubborn
PiscesNeptuneSpiritual, intuitive, dreamy

All About the Moon

Besides being the ruler of Cancer, there’s other important information that you need to know about our lunar neighbor. It changes signs every 2 1/2 days and it takes 27 1/2 days to transit through all the zodiac signs. Luna, as she’s called in mythology, also governs our tides, our moods and our emotions. The chart below explains lunar nodes and lunations.

Lunar nodes are the points where the Moon’s orbit crosses the Earth’s orbit around the sun.

Lunar NodesMeaning
North NodeFuture, destination, unknown, challenge
South NodePast, launchpad, familiar, comfort

Lunations are the Moon’s phases.

Moon PhaseMeaning
New MoonNew beginnings, introspection, plan ahead
Full MoonCompletion, harvest, realizations
Solar EclipseNew beginnings, unexpected opportunities
Lunar EclipseRelease, purge, shift


Angles are the four Cardinal points of your natal chart, the Ascendant, the Midheaven, the Descendant and the Nadir. Where these points are located in your chart is determined by where the horizon is at the time of your birth. The chart below explains their meaning.

AscendantRising sign, personality, appearance
MidhavenLife goal, reputation, status
DescendantSocial & professional life, marriage, contracts
NadirPrivate, how your inner life affects your outer life


Aspects are how planets, angles, nodes and lunations relate to one another. Depending on their degree of separation, an aspect can feel challenging or helpful. Aspects happen through the transit of the planets around the zodiac. They can impact each other in an mundane way, transiting planet, aspecting, transiting planet. Or they can impact each other natally, transiting planet, aspecting, natal planet. Or to get even more detailed you can take into consideration the house that the planet is in, transiting planet in # house, aspecting, natal/transit planet in # house. Below is a chart with the aspects and their meaning.

Conjunction 0 degreesTwo planets no more than 8 degrees apart combining their energies.
Sextile 60 degreesHarmony, growth, ease, helpful people, new path
Square 90 degreesTension, obstacles, challenge
Trine 120 degeesPositive flow, harmonious angle of support
Opposition 180 degreesOpposite, challenge, opposing, at odds, hard angle


Each sign is represented by an element, fire, earth, air and water. There are three signs per element forming a triplicity. They each have distinct traits, forming the natural world around us. When considering the elements in your chart, keep in mind that all four elements are present and affect each house differently. The chart below shows each element, the signs and their meaning.

FireAries, Leo, SagittariusPassionate, dynamic, temperamental
EarthTaurus, Virgo, CapricornGrounded, real, stable
AirGemini, Libra, AquariusAction, ideas, motion
WaterCancer, Scorpio, PiscesIntuitive, emotional, sensitive


Modalities are the way the signs are grouped according to their qualities, Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable. They are put together in quadruplicities or groups of four. With the elements there are four groups of three signs. With the modalities there are three groups with four signs. Each one has their own distinct quality and special way of engaging the world. It is said that the elements and the modalities work together to create their own unique energetic signature. The chart below shows the modality, the signs and their meaning.

CardinalAries, Cancer, Libra, CapricornSelf-motivated, insightful, ambitious
FixedTaurus, Leo, Scorpio, AquariusSecure, stable, initiative
MutableGemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, PiscesChange, diplomatic, assisting


The zodiac is divided into twelve different sections, called houses, each one being ruled by a different sign. Their position on your natal chart depends on the time and place your were born. If you know your time and place of birth you can easily find your natal chart online. By studying the houses you can find where a transit lands in your chart. This will allow you to see which part of your life to focus on and the best possible action to take. Below shows houses, ruler and meaning.

1st HouseAriesSelf, appearance, identity
2nd HouseTaurusIncome, value, daily routines
3rd HouseGeminiThinking, interests, education
4th HouseCancerHome, family, foundation
5th HouseLeoRomance, love, childlike
6th HouseVirgoAnalytical, organization, service
7th HouseLibraRelationships, equality, sharing
8th HouseScorpioSex, goals, joint ventures
9th HouseSagittariusTravel, philosophy, ethics
10th HouseCapricornCareer, structure, masculinity
11th HouseAquariusGroups, friends, technology
12th HousePiscesHealing, spirituality, solitude