We are so happy you are here to explore the possibility of creating a sustainable, organic world. We have come together to create a place where we can share our views, learn our lessons and do our part to make a better world for the future. Long before the creation of Sustainable Organic World, back when we first started thinking about and trying to live our lives with less of an impact on the earth, there were no words to describe what we were doing. The key words of “sustainable” or “organic” weren’t thrown around like they are now. No one wanted to hear our message, no one wanted to get involved. But, we just kept plugging along with an inner knowing that we needed to live a life that was more environmentally friendly.

Through the years we have learned a lot about what it means to be environmentally friendly. Nowadays there is so much information on living organically or sustainably that it all seems overwhelming. While the experts argue amongst themselves about what’s truly organic or sustainable, some of us are just ready to sell all our possessions, get rid anything that holds us down and move to an ecovillage to remove ourselves from society. Although that’s an option, it sounds easier than it actually is. But there’s no need to give up all hope. We’ve been doing this a long time without having to remove ourselves from society and we’ve learned that there are many, much more realistic things you can do within your current circumstances. You’ve already started by coming here to do some research to start implementing different ideas into your life. Recycling, energy conservation, growing some of your own food and bringing your own grocery bags to the supermarket are all excellent ways to start living more sustainably. If everyone did just these things we’d be well on our way to a cleaner, healthier society.

But, now, let’s talk a little about what it means to be a conscious consumer. You see, consumerism is what makes a capitalist society, our economy thrives on it. Most environmentalist will tell you that we have to stop participating in it. But, we here at Sustainable Organic World, are taking a different approach to the problem. We feel that there’s a way to have our cake and eat it too. You see, if enough people started demanding quality products, made from ethically sourced resources, if we started buying our products from companies that treat their employees with dignity and respect, then things could change overnight. How do we demand these things? With our purchases! The reason why the words “organic” and “sustainable” have become so popular is because people are starting to understand that the current capitalist economy isn’t sustainable.

That’s why Sustainable Organic World is committed to doing the research to find manufacturers who are just as passionate as we are about helping people, saving the environment and being morally responsible with our money. We feel like in order to earn your trust we need to be 100% transparent about the fact that our site uses affiliate links and our Etsy store uses print on demand companies. We can proudly assure you that our affiliates and the companies we do business with on Etsy have met our high standards. We are extremely excited that we have been able to partner with companies that care. That’s why we have dedicated this website to spotlighting these companies, showing what they are doing to help people first, then, the environment.

By stopping by our web site it is our hope that we will be able to motivate you to think a little deeper about your impact. Will you continue to support heartless corporations? Will you use your resources to help us build better relationships with each other? Will you start implementing some of the ideas we have posted on our site into your life? Will you become more aware of how your actions may create or solve some of our environmental issues we face today? We really are in this together, so let’s, work, together to SOW the seeds for a healthier future.

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