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We are so happy you are here to explore the possibility of creating a sustainable, organic world. We have come together to create a place where we can share our views, learn our lessons and do our part to make a better world for the future. In the beginning when we first started thinking about and trying to live our lives with less of an impact on the earth there were no words to describe what we were doing. The key words of “sustainable” or “organic” weren’t thrown around like they are now. It was more about an inner knowing that we needed to live a life that was more environmentally friendly.

Through the years we have learned a lot about what it means to be environmentally friendly. Nowadays there is so much information on living organically or sustainably that it all seems overwhelming. I know that personally I was ready to sell all my possessions, get rid of anything that held me down and move to an eco village to remove myself from society. But, then, I realized, that sounded easier than it really was. With six animals, a husband that wasn’t as excited about that prospect as I was and the unappealing idea of leaving my family behind, I knew that I needed to do something more realistic within my circumstances. So I started doing a lot research and implementing many different ideas into our life.

We have always made sure that we recycle pretty much everything. Our recycle bins overflow, we compost our vegetable waste, eggshells, coffee and tea grounds, and we conserve as much energy as possible. By doing this our actual garbage bag is reduced to one small bag a week and our electric bill stays low. But, we didn’t want to stop there. Don’t get me wrong, if more people did just that, we could make a huge impact on our environment, but, that is still a very small part of what living sustainably and organically means. What we have been pursuing now is organic gardening, rain barrels, alternative energy, another alternative to plastic, and helping communities work together to find creative ways to solve our economic problems . We want to teach others how to live more sustainable and organic, passing on the knowledge we have gained and are gaining everyday.

One of our objectives is to inspire individuals to create or join a team of people who cultivate organic gardens at the homes of people in the community who do not know how to, can not afford to or just don’t have the time to grow their own gardens, but, want the benefit of eating organically.

Another objective is to add rain barrels to collect the the wasted water that runs of the roofs of people’s houses every year. There is absolutely no reason people need to spend money on city water to water lawns or gardens when free water is wasted every time it rains. There are many places where there are water restrictions in place because of the impact on our water resources, so collecting the water that runs off of our houses only makes since.


With water restrictions and drought conditions in many parts of the country, rainwater harvesting is becoming a practical and popular option for homeowners, homesteaders, off-gridders, gardeners, and conservationists. Harvesting your own rainwater is easy with the BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment System™ from our friends at BlueBarrel.

BlueBarrel is your one-stop shop for the knowledge, materials, and tools you’ll need to build a low-cost, reliable, and flexible DIY rain barrel system on your property. They’ll source re-purposed, internationally-approved HDPE food-grade plastic barrels in your area for you to pick up, and ship the rest of the materials directly to your door in their DIY RainKit™. Plus, when you use coupon code RGBARREL during your purchase through BlueBarrel, you’ll save 10%!

Then there is the issue of alternative energy. Right now the only two ways we have for alternative energy is solar panels and windmills. Both cost a lot of money to buy and install and rely heavily on the availability of sun and wind. Finding other alternatives to sustainable energy is a high priority of SOW. We are very interested in supporting and implementing any up and coming ideas to this  problem.


Complete Solar PV Systems

Real Goods: Our complete solar PV kits contain everything you need to set up an off-grid solar power system for your vacation home or mountain cabin, or to bring supplemental solar power to your permanent residence with a grid-tied setup.

Our solar kits include all necessary cables, wiring, breakers, and junction boxes unless otherwise stated.

By stopping by our website it is our hope that we will be able to motivate you to start saving our planet, our resources, as well as our relationships with each other. We hope that you will start implementing some of the ideas we have posted on our site into your life. Your actions are either creating or solving some of our environmental issues, in becoming a conscious consumer you will always be part of the solution.

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We ask that, if it is possible, donate to our cause as we work together to SOW the seeds that will change, not only our world, but also our health.

Thanks again for stopping by,
Sustainable, Organic World
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