My name is Sindy and this is my dog, Bo-ty.

I write children’s books about the adventures we go on and the animals we meet as we travel around in our converted cargo van. “We live in a van and drive many places, we meet many people of all different races. Everyday an adventure to see many things, from creatures that crawl, to those that have wings.”


We live in a van.

I have converted our 2013 E250 cargo van into a tiny house on wheels. Before converting our van, I had zero experience with using any type of construction tool. It was a challenge, but I learned a lot about myself and what I thought I was capable of doing.

Everyday is an adventure.

No two days are alike for us. We always have an idea about what we’re going to do each day, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to happen the way we plan it. The unknowns of life are what keep us on our toes and make our adventures even more exciting. We never know what animal we will meet, who will cross our path or what kind of day it will actually be, but we try to prepared for whatever our adventurous day holds in store for us.

We drive many places.

Living out of our van can be challenging at times, but the benefits far out way the challenges. The experiences we have and the adventures we go on are priceless. I love traveling and I love writing, so being able to do both is a dream come true.

We see many things.

Our children’s books are mostly about the animals we meet as we travel around. I am amazed at how much wildlife we have witnessed along our journeys without even having to go in search of it. Just by being aware of our surroundings and paying attention to the world around us we have met so many different animals and our journey has only just begun. There is so much more world out there to discover, so many more animals to meet and write about. Bo-Ty and I are excited about the future and the many possibilities that are in store for us.

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