Tracy Bruce – Founder of Floating Lotus Retreats and Astrologer at Activate Your Universe.

The placement of the planets, stars and asteroids at the time of your birth is so vitally important yet so many overlook the power behind this science. We all go through our lives trying to control our own destiny through trial and error, when all we need to do is look at our life blueprint and navigate accordingly. It is really that simple.

Tracy Bruce is our resident Astrologer, she has had a passion for Astrology from a very young age. Through Astrology she has personally overcome many obstacles, learned how to channel her energy and focus on the positive attributes to guide her. She has hands on experience which has, not only helped her to understand and support herself, but, also, has helped others understand themselves, guiding them forward in a positive, open journey. This is what has brought her here today! She has the foresight and the ability to explore and help maintain a balance between that which can be changed and that which can be understood in order to focus on a more healthy, loving existence.

Her 25 years in construction, together with her over 20 years experience in astrology gives her a unique perspective. She will look at your natal chart as a set of blueprints for building your house. Everything is laid out in these planetary blueprints, now all you need to add is the labor and materials to build it.

No matter what your beliefs, it’s important to know that this blueprint was designed by the best Architect anyone could ask for. This Architect designed your life specifically for you. Now it’s time to read the blueprint and begin to Activate Your Universe!

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