Happy Camper’s Camping Hacks

It’s summer!! Time to go CAMPING!! Yayy!! But wait a minute, before you get too far ahead of yourself make sure you are organized so that everything will go off without a hitch and you’ll have nothing but happy campers 😉

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Diabetic Treat: Sinfully Good

Okay, I’m about to drop a bomb on all my diabetic peeps!! My dad was a diabetic and one of the things he used to crave the most was sweets. Which was kinda funny, since, he never really ate sweets before he was diagnosed. But, anyway, for some reason he was REALLY craving them. So, being the awesome daughter that I am, I did some research on how to naturally quench his craving for sweets. There are many different ways for diabetics to curb their desire for sweets, but here’s one that tastes truly sinful…

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Superior Cannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil

What is Hemp oil?

Superior is the result of a collaborative effort to develop a novel, 10x bio-availability optimized hemp oil extract using exclusively natural, plant-based ingredients in a complete botanical formulation.

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1 Solar Power Plant. 775,000 Panels in the Chilean Desert.


Still under construction, the Atacama 1 Concentrated Solar Power plant is a symbol of the shift from dirty fossil fuels to a cleaner, smarter way to generate electricity in Chile which is leading the charge for solar in Latin America thanks to its expanses of wilderness and some of the most intense sunlight on Earth.

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Portable Prefab Homes by Coodo

Another day, another prefab company trying to lure you into the out-of-the-box home dream. This time, Coodo from Hamburg, Germany, shows off its newly completed project, a 720-square-foot “Coodo 64,” installed in Bielefeld, Germany.

With rounded edges (also seen in the Alupod prefab concept from Hong Kong) and sleek, contemporary fixtures, this Coodo 64 is on the larger end of the company’s offerings, which also sells modular pods as small as 100 to 170 square feet.

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Sustainable Organic World: Soap Nuts

Hand-Sort Select Soap Nuts

Sun-dried, De-seeded Soap Berries

USDA Certified Organic

I had never heard of soap nuts before, also known as soap berries, until I saw them on Pinterest. I was intrigued because I am always looking for green, organic, sustainable products to use in my home. So I found them on Amazon by a company called “NaturOli” and decided to try them out.


Before I tell you how they worked, let me give you a little soap nut background. Soap Nuts (Soap Berries) are a gift from Mother Nature, a sustainable, natural resource that grows wild from the sapindus trees. The fruit is picked & dried and it’s the dried fruit that produces the “soap” (saponin). Making it the ultimate 100% natural laundry detergent and cleanser!


Now let me tell you how they worked. They come with a little pouch that you put 4 or 5 nuts into. Then, because I use cold water to wash my clothes, they recommended to soak them in hot water before using them. So, while I gathered up my clothes I soaked them. It only took a few minutes and they were ready to use.


I poured the soap nut pouch in along with the soaking water, then, added in my clothes and let ‘er rip. That’s it, nothing else was added, when they were finished, I put everything in the dryer, including the pouch. They came out fresh & cleaned!! I used my initial 4 berries for 7 washes before I had to change them out 😀

I should say at this point that my laundry isn’t very soiled. I don’t do construction, lawn maintenance or anything that would be considered “dirty” work. I do, however, work in the garden and perspire. They are effective in removing soil and odors while leaving my clothes feeling soft. I even used them to wash my sheets & towels. The towels are very soft, while still being absorbent. Bathroom towels that aren’t absorbent is something I used to dislike about synthetic fabric softener.

The soap nuts were so gentle, they are superb for delicate fabrics. If you have allergies or are sensitive to commercial chemicals & fragrances and want to do your part to help create a sustainable, organic world, then soap nuts are the answer!

  • Hypoallergenic, fragrance free, Eco-friendly and biodegradalbe
  • Low sudsing – perfect for high efficiency (he) washers
  • Free of synthetic chemicals, fillers, toxins, dyes and perfumes
  • Ideal for cloth cotton diaper landering
  • Imported only from Fair Trade, Co-op suppliers
  • NaturOli Soap Nuts are cleaned, sorted & packaged in the USA

NaturOli Soap nuts are the highest grade quality. Only premium soap berries are harvested at the their optimal time to ensure maximum saponin content. They are then de-seeded by hand.

Along with my NaturOli Soap Nut purchase I was given a sample of “Extreme 18X” concentrate soap. I use it in my mop water to mop my tile floor and it works perfectly!! But, there are a plethora of green, cleaning uses – both household and personal care. Inherently healthy and nourishing properties will leave skin conditioned too. You can throw away those rubber gloves! Experiment and adjust amounts used depending upon your desired results.

extreme 18x



  • Non-streak glass & window cleaner.
  • All-purpose kitchen and bathroom cleaner
  • Perfect for washing fruits & veggies
  • Gentle dish detergent. Not recommended for most dishwashers.
  • Excellent for stainless steel, polished granite, tile & counter tops.
  • High sheen jewelry cleaner.
  • Low sudsing carpet cleaner for ultra soft carpets & rugs.


  • Wash water is excellent for watering yard & plants
  • Effective plant spray for a non-toxic pest deterrent.
  • Gentle car wash (wont remove wax).
  • Biodegradable soap – a camper’s dream. Even helps ward off insects.

Personal Care:

  • Gentle, non-irritating, chemical free washing & bathing.
  • Conditioning hair & skin treatments. Excellent for most with eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dandruff, itchy scalp & other irritating skin conditions. An initial patch test is recommended.

Pet Care:

  • The ultimate pet shampoo. Leaves coat with a healthy sheen while leaving skin soft & nourished. Also helps deter fleas, ticks & other common pests.

Click the banner below to take advantage of the possibly the most significant green innovation in history for everyday household cleaning needs!

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Sustainable Organic World: Circular Economy

There was a time in our, not so distant past, that recycling was just part of life. When something broke, we fixed it, period. Then the whole “New and Improved” era came along and changed us from, consumers, to, ultra consumers. Things started being “upgraded” before the original was even out the door. I, for one, think it’s time to bring back the old school ways!

Back in the day, there used to be such thing as rebuilding your car engine in your garage, bringing your coke bottle back to the store to get a deposit refund and actually putting a patch on a pair of worn out blue jeans. This was not considered radical or something “hippies” did, it was the norm. We were actually keeping stuff out of the landfills, we were living sustainable without even needing a movement.

So with that being said, it’s kind of funny running across the term “circular economy”. Which sounds a lot like old school ways to me. So, here’s the jist of it: Something gets manufactured, then it gets bought, then it gets used, then it either gets fixed by the consumer, reused as something else, refurbished to be something else or recycled. Companies are starting to take a look at using the circular economy model in their business. It’s not only cost effective, it produces jobs, helping the overall economy and it saves waste from clogging up our landfills. Zero waste, on steroids!!

circular economy

So if you’re a business owner, you may want to take a look at the ways you can use the circular economy business model in your company. By using this type of model, you may retain more value of the material, labor and energy inputs that go into your product.

Our throw away economy is overtaking us and we must find ways to eradicate waste—not just from manufacturing processes, but systematically, throughout the life cycles and uses of products and their components. If we are going to create a sustainable, organic world, we must solve the issue of waste at its source.

In a circular economy, the goal is for durable components, such as metals and most plastics, to be reused or upgraded in other productive ways, recycling through as many processes as possible. I would say that in the vain of what’s old is new again, it’s time to get back to basics and get away from the buy–consume–dispose view.

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Sustainable Organic World

This post was inspired by this article “Moving toward a circular economy

Fairphone is a social enterprise that is building a movement for fairer electronics!

Creating new relationships between people and their products.

Making a positive impact across the value chain in mining, design, manufacturing and life cycle.


A better phone is a phone made better

Our phones hold a complex story of the hundreds of people who helped make it. We want to open up that story, so we can make a positive impact in how phones are made, used and recycled. Change doesn’t happen overnight. But together with our community, we’re building a movement to show the demand for fair products.

On February 28, 2017, at Mobile World Congress, Fairphone held a press conference focused on using innovation in the electronics sector to drive social and environmental progress. New information revealed at this exclusive event included:

  • Findings of a Fairphone-commissioned recyclability study
  • Android 6 upgrade for Fairphone 2
  • Barcelona includes Fairphone 2 in mobile portfolio

Every year Mobile World Congress showcases the latest innovations in the mobile industry. But until now, innovation has generally been equated with technological advances. At this year’s MWC, Fairphone looked beyond technology to explore how innovation could have a wider-reaching impact and guide the electronics industry towards more social and sustainable practices.

Social and environmental values are at the core of Fairphone’s business, and the company has been working to change the industry from the inside out since it was founded four years ago. Among other innovations, Fairphone was the first to bring a modular, repairable smartphone to the market. But does modularity really reduce environmental impact? And do consumers actually want these kinds of products?

During the press conference, Fairphone explored these questions and more with experts from iFixit and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, and reached some thought-provoking conclusions.

Over the past year, Fairphone has expanded their investigation of the entire lifecycle of smartphones, paying special attention to the potential impact of modularity in terms of production, use and recycling. Read more on Fairphone’s report on recyclability. During the panel discussion, Fairphone representatives and partners shared their insights and offered evidence that modular design may help reduce the environmental impact of consumer electronics.

When it comes to making our phone, we’re doing things a little differently.

We aim to create positive social and environmental impact from the beginning to the end of a phone’s life cycle.

To start, Fairphone shared results from its recyclability study, which was released during the event. While recycling is often viewed as a reasonable solution for sustainability, the study showed that the truth is far more nuanced, and that recycling comes with its own environmental costs.


Fair Materials

We care about what we’re putting in our phones. That’s why we’re tracing where our phone’s parts come from and creating demand for materials that are good for people and planet.

With this in mind, the study examined possible recycling scenarios for the Fairphone 2. The goal was to determine the best approach in terms of material recovery rates. Monique Lempers, Commercial & Value Chain Director at Fairphone remarked,

“Based on currently available recycling methods, the study showed that disassembling the phone before recycling would lead to the greatest amount of recovered materials. Modularity makes our phones easier to disassemble, but the best-case scenario still only recovers around one third of the original materials.”

To Fairphone, the limitations of today’s recycling industry reinforce the importance of creating long-lasting products. Fairphone’s recent Life Cycle Assessment, completed by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, confirms the environmental advantages of this approach. It found that five years of use based a repair scenario would reduce the Global Warming Potential (GWP or CO2 emissions) by about 30%. Karsten Schischke, Senior Researcher at the Fraunhofer IZM explained,

“The highest environmental impact stems from the phone’s production phase, especially the printed circuit boards and semiconductors. Comparatively, the battery, display and back cover have a rather low impact. Fairphone’s modularity makes it easy to replace these parts and keep the phone working. But user behavior is key – in order to reduce over all impact, they have to make the effort to complete the repairs instead of replacing the entire device.”

Fairphone recognizes this limitation, which is why fast, easy repair is at the core of their design approach. Repair experts iFixit awarded the Fairphone 2 with a perfect 10 out of 10 for repairability. Matthias Huisken, Director at iFixit Europe:

“This is the first and only smartphone to receive a perfect score from us, and the modular design is a major factor. It was very impressive to be able to replace the display in seconds without any tools.”

Fairphone owners have also proven how easy the phone is to fix, with an estimated 95% success rate for DIY repairs. Android 6 for Fairphone 2 available soon.

The event also highlighted a few of Fairphone’s product plans for the year ahead. In line with their effort to extend the lifespan of the Fairphone 2, the company is currently focused on a software upgrade: Android 6 will be available for the Fairphone 2 in the coming weeks.

Fairphone is also supporting longevity from the hardware side. Following the introduction of new cases at the end of last year, the company unveiled plans to start offering module upgrades for both the rear and front-facing cameras in the coming months.

The event concluded by addressing consumer demand for the emerging category of fair electronics. Based on total sales of 125,000 phones, plus partnerships with major industry players such as T-Mobile Austria, Swisscom, KPN,, 1&1 and mobilcom-debitel, Fairphone believes that there is an obvious market for consumer devices made with greater care for people and the environment. While the company initially focused on direct consumer sales through its online shop, its recent business-to-business efforts are also gaining traction throughout Europe, including Spain. Just recently the City of Barcelona confirmed that it will include the Fairphone 2 in its mobile portfolio for senior-level executives.

In the coming year, Fairphone will continue to focus on scaling up their business with the aim of increasing their social and environmental impact and expanding their leverage with suppliers.

Thank you for your interest!

Sustainable Organic World