Hello! My name is Sindy and I travel with my dog Bo-Ty. Bo-Ty and I go on many adventures that I turn into children’s books. One day when were staying in Jupiter, Florida we heard about a hurricane named Dorian that was barreling down on us. After much consideration, we decided to head to the west coast of Florida, to the little town of Dunedin, (pronouced – dun-ee-din).

When we got there we walked down by the water and met horseshoe crabs. Bo-Ty was very curious about them as you can see in the photos. He didn’t bark, he just kept pulling on the leash and wanting to sniff them. We watched them for a while and then the slowly swam away and disappeared into the ocean. I wrote a children’s book about our adventure, “BO-TY AND I MEET HORSESHOE CRABS“.

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