Kayaking Maiden Voyage

On June 23, 2014 we took our kayak out for it’s maiden voyage. We were so excited about having the opportunity to kayak whenever we wanted. But, as you can see in the pictures, there is a very hard hill to climb, the sand is very soft. So, before even getting to the beach my poor husband was exhausted, I did the best I could to help push from behind. But once we got to the water, all our troubles melted away. After checking everything out to make sure it was all okay, it was time for breakfast. While Lucky was out kayaking, I had the beach to myself 😀 When kayaking in the ocean it’s best to have calm waters. It was a lot of fun, the water was so clear I could see the fish swimming around under the kayak. We left the beach and decided to stop by our favorite taco stand, Vargas Mexican Food, to get some real authentic tacos. They have the best tacos in town! They’re located right off of US-1 in Sebastian Florida.


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