Portable Prefab Homes by Coodo

Another day, another prefab company trying to lure you into the out-of-the-box home dream. This time, Coodo from Hamburg, Germany, shows off its newly completed project, a 720-square-foot “Coodo 64,” installed in Bielefeld, Germany.

With rounded edges (also seen in the Alupod prefab concept from Hong Kong) and sleek, contemporary fixtures, this Coodo 64 is on the larger end of the company’s offerings, which also sells modular pods as small as 100 to 170 square feet.

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Sustainable Organic World: Circular Economy

There was a time in our, not so distant past, that recycling was just part of life. When something broke, we fixed it, period. Then the whole “New and Improved” era came along and changed us from, consumers, to, ultra consumers. Things started being “upgraded” before the original was even out the door. I, for one, think it’s time to bring back the old school ways!

Back in the day, there used to be such thing as rebuilding your car engine in your garage, bringing your coke bottle back to the store to get a deposit refund and actually putting a patch on a pair of worn out blue jeans. This was not considered radical or something “hippies” did, it was the norm. We were actually keeping stuff out of the landfills, we were living sustainable without even needing a movement.

So with that being said, it’s kind of funny running across the term “circular economy”. Which sounds a lot like old school ways to me. So, here’s the jist of it: Something gets manufactured, then it gets bought, then it gets used, then it either gets fixed by the consumer, reused as something else, refurbished to be something else or recycled. Companies are starting to take a look at using the circular economy model in their business. It’s not only cost effective, it produces jobs, helping the overall economy and it saves waste from clogging up our landfills. Zero waste, on steroids!!

circular economy

So if you’re a business owner, you may want to take a look at the ways you can use the circular economy business model in your company. By using this type of model, you may retain more value of the material, labor and energy inputs that go into your product.

Our throw away economy is overtaking us and we must find ways to eradicate waste—not just from manufacturing processes, but systematically, throughout the life cycles and uses of products and their components. If we are going to create a sustainable, organic world, we must solve the issue of waste at its source.

In a circular economy, the goal is for durable components, such as metals and most plastics, to be reused or upgraded in other productive ways, recycling through as many processes as possible. I would say that in the vain of what’s old is new again, it’s time to get back to basics and get away from the buy–consume–dispose view.

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This post was inspired by this article “Moving toward a circular economy


packed car

Taking to the highways this summer? Join the club: 71% of us plan to drive to our vacation destination instead of fly according to a new Jiffy Lube survey – which means you’ll have a lot of company on the road (and a lot of potential stress)! Here’s how to make sure your road trip is one smooth ride:

save gas by


The biggest drag on getting good mileage? Overloading the car! “The more weight you carry, the more gas you’ll use”, Says AAA spokesperson Geoff Sundstrom. So take a tip from the airlines and ask your passengers to limit how many “carry-on” bags they bring!


When putting your gas cap back on, listen for three clicks to make sure it’s sealed properly. If it’s not, gas fumes can evaporate, says Lauren Fix, author of Lauren Fix’s Guide to Loving Your Car. If you don’t hear any click? “Your cap is probably broken, but a new one cost just $10 at an auto store, and you’ll make it up in gas savings.”

make trip easier by


Sure, you know to keep to the speed limit, but seeing a police car on the road is still anxiety-provoking! Be prepared for speed traps ahead of time by logging on to SpeedTrap.org, which alerts you to speed traps along your route. Or download Trapster (Trapster.com) onto your cellphone or PDA, a free service that uses your phone’s GPS and internet to warn you of upcoming speed traps so you won’t be taken by surprise!


Before you start your trip, head to TripTik Travel Planner to map out your trip and find restaurants, hotels, rest stops and gas stations along the way. The site even gives you the cheapest gas stations on your route, with more than 100,000 listed – and their prices are updated every day!

save gas by


Even if it’s hot out and you have the AC on, roll down your windows when you start to feel stressed. British research found drivers who do experience less road rage, stress and fewer headaches by bringing fresh air into the car – and it also improved driver accuracy!


Believe it or not, pushing your seat back for extra leg room can cause you extra stress! “It forces you to extend your arms to reach the steering wheel, locking them into place, which is tiring”, say Fix. “It can also cause back pain!” Instead, push the seat forward so your elbows are slightly ben, which is a more relaxed, natural way to hold the wheel. “You’ll feel more comfortable and have more energy.”

save gas by


About half of all adults and kids suffer from car sickness; if you start to feel queasy, keep your head back in the headrest and try to be as still as possible, says auto safety expert Jacob Nelson. “Car sickness is caused by a disturbance in your inner ear that can throw off your sense of equilibrium”, he explains. “Not moving your head is calming to your inner ear, and will make you feel better.”


While a portable DVD player is a great way to entertain kids on long trips, “it’s the last thing you want for a child prone to car sickness”, says Nelson. That’s because when your eyes are fixed on something stationary, your brain and body still know you’re moving – and the system gets confused, intensifying motion sickness. Instead, play games that encourage you to look out the window. Go to MomsMinivan.com to find games, including car bingo games and a travel scavenger hunt you can print out.

The above information was taken from an article written by Alison Bell in Woman’s World Magazine July 2009

Planning for Success in Business

Why do women entrepreneurs not plan for success and have a “lets just see what will happen” kind of attitude when it comes to their businesses? Why do women feel more responsible for their home, children, and husband, than they do for their business?


Planning is the key. Most women start a business because they are looking to make a little extra money, not really looking at where their business can grow to. We women think we are just going to help out with the bills until our husband finds a job, or work picks back up. We don’t take what we are doing very seriously. We don’t visualize where we want our business to be in 5 years, and then, create the system and operate the business as if we were already there. But this is the mindset that will propel our businesses to succeed. Because then, when the business starts to take off and become successful, the system and the infrastructure will be in place to support it and the business will continue to grow.


When we go into business, what is our mindset? Are we in hobby mindset, “oh I just need to make a little extra money and I’ll be fine”? Or are we in the mindset of looking at ourselves as the CEO of our own enterprise, which sometimes, as women, we are afraid to even say. If that is our mindset we must change that thought. When we first think about becoming an entrepreneur it is usually because we have found a problem and we are going to solve it. The purpose of starting a business, shouldn’t be just to make a few extra dollars, because then the business is not going to be successful. The purpose has got to be much more important and passionate than making money otherwise its not going to succeed.


What is the common mindset in women who struggle in business? With the economy the way it is today, with things getting kind of crazy, and things not really going well, the first thing we want to do is withdraw. Not just the business, but also personally, our spirits withdraw as well. In the economy right now there is so much opportunity for business. To start a business or to grow a business, but we have to get to a point of expanding where we think we can go. Do things that inspire us, things that inspire our spirits. We shouldn’t be going around looking and feeling like we are in lack. We need to keep ourselves upbeat; drink out of our fancy glasses, eat off of our good china, dress nicely, even if we don’t have to leave the house. These are the things that will inspire our spirits to succeed. If we are not inspired we are not going to do well in business.


If our sales are down, the first thing we want to do is cut back and consolidate as much as possible. But the reality is, since that is what everybody else is doing, it is time to do more. Get out and meet people and network and talk about your business. Regardless of what is going on in the economy, we need to trust ourselves. Whatever the economy is doing doesn’t matter, in the end it is up to us and how passionate we are about what we are doing. So, don’t withdraw, expand instead, which makes us more creative and solution oriented; it makes us trust ourselves more, and as long as we believe in ourselves and the service we are providing, we will have the great feeling, that in the midst of struggle, we can recognize who we are and what we are made of. Look for ways to be creative, take advantage of new opportunities, get stronger, tougher, and step up.


The first step in creating a new mindset is to decide that we are going to do it. Once we decide that we are going to do it, then we need to decide,  what is the purpose, what is our passion, so that when adversity strikes, we will do whatever it takes, because we want to grow. The reason why successful people succeed is because they have failed more. But in their failures they haven’t given up. When we are passionate about what we are doing, even when we make mistakes, we will keep on trying.


One of the biggest mistake people make is thinking that their service or their product is the most important thing. But, what we don’t understand is that it is all the systems around the business; the marketing, the accounting, the cashflow, the legal aspect, these are the things that make a business. So we need to plan for abundance and be ready for increased business when it comes. Which will come with abundance thinking.

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