How I Use Essential Oils In My Everyday Life

I use doTerra essential oils for so many things. I use them for cleaning, diffusing, in my homemade beauty products, on my pets and even in some of my recipes.

They are such a part of my life, I don’t know what I would do without them.

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Holiday Scents That Will Cheer You Up!

Nothing signals the holidays like the scent of Christmas spices!

These seasonal spices offer more than just their flavor – scientists have found they also have health benefits that’ll keep you feeling great, energetic and stress-free, all season long.

Gingerbread cookies in the oven…mulled cider simmering away…the scent of clove-studded oranges arranged on the table…I’m feeling happier already!! Let’s take a look at how these holiday scents can help you feel more focused, less frazzled and energized to get more done while still remaining in a good mood. Sound impossible? Read on my friend…. Continue reading “Holiday Scents That Will Cheer You Up!”

20 Healthy Habits – No Diet, No Exercise, I Promise!

20 Healthy Habits You Can Develop That Have Nothing To Do With Diet or Exercise!

I have incorporated these 20 habits into my life. None of them have anything to do with diet or exercise, but they have changed my life!

If you hate dieting & exercise, but want to live a healthier lifestyle, you may want to think about adding some of these healthy habits into your life as well. They are very easy and some are even free!

I’ve added links to websites that explain the health benefits of these habits. Knowing why we do something can be helpful and inspire us to keep them up.

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