letterummer’s a great time to visit the zoo – to see all the animals. But if you can’t make it, or you don’t live close to a zoo, don’t worry! Zoos around the country have started posting interesting photos, videos, games and activities that you can enjoy right in the comfort of you own home. And if you can make it to the zoo in person, you should still visit their site to see what activities are going on and be able to plan your adventure before you even show up. So I hope you enjoy these sites and have fun at the zoo!

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ideas for a healthier youWhen a baby gorilla was born at the San Francisco Zoo a year ago, his mother rejected him, and zookeepers had to bottle-feed him human formula to keep him nourished. But he had an angel on his side: Bawang, a loving, maternal gorilla in the zoo, swooped right in as his surrogate mom! “Bawang is a confident mother”, observes the zoo’s Corinee MacDonald. “She allows him the freedom to explore, but keeps a watchful eye on him as well.” And when it came to naming the newborn, zookeepers left the choice up to his daddy: when offered five different-colored cantaloupe shells, each one containing a different name, Dad chose the green one, which contained “Hasani” – which, fittingly means “handsome!” See videos and photos of Hasani by clicking above link, enjoy!


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Full Exhibit List At Southwick’s Zoo

Are Women Changing The World Economy?

Women are changing the World Economy. The economist and News Week Magazine recently said that the world economy will be turned around in the next 5 years by women, not even China’s or India’s booming markets will compare to this next growing trend. Women empowerment is leading the way to more and more women owned business, especially those that are on the internet.

Now is the perfect time for women to start a business on this ever expanding fertile ground. Women owned businesses are growing more and more and the reasons are endless; it could be because of the economy, education, or just because we have to. But whatever the reason, this economical crisis could be what we needed to reboot our belief system.

By starting a business online and using it as a way to communicate our passions worldwide we can take control over our own destinies and create our own communities. The Dalai Lama said that the world will be changed by the western women. This is because of the tools we have available to us. One of those tools is the internet.

Think about it, what is your passion? Do you have a movement, purpose, product or service that you would like to promote?  Its up to each one of us, the possiblilities are endless. The internet is specific and we can do our own thing. It is a  niche market, so we can create our own movement on whatever it is we are passionate about. We don’t have to wait for someone to knock on our door, we can do it for ourselves. We are in control. The internet is a tool that serves our purpose, our higher purpose, it is a way we can connect to people all over the world, to really do something  meaningful. We can not do it by ourselves, but when we come together as an online community, that is powerful, and then, when we link our different communities together we can bring change to the world, and together we can have one world wide tribe.

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How to Accelerate Your Life

You don’t have to be superwomen to be successful in life. Just follow some simple rules and you will be able to manage your life without stress, frustration, and exhaustion.

There are 3 keys to balancing your life:

Attitude – Life isn’t about what happens to us, its about how we handle what happens to us.
Choices– Make the right choices. You instinctively know what choices are right for you.
Relationships– Develop the right relationships, business and personal.

Start your day right by getting the important things in your life done earlier in the day, that is when you are most focused.  When you start your work day, don’t get started by reading emails that you probably don’t need anyway. Get started with the things that take the most focus. Mornings are usually when your creativity is flowing. You can maximize your time and effort and feel like you have accomplished something  at the end of the day.

To reach your potential customers you don’t have to spent lots of money branding yourself. The latest and most effect way is through Multichannel marketing. Multichannel  is marketing using many different marketing channels to reach a customer. It gives you a chance to fully engage with prospects and customers through  communications, including social media and RSS. You can use your direct response marketing skills to give value everyday for free. Once your customers feel comfortable with you then you can sell what they need that take them to the next level.

The complexities of multi-channel marketing can be daunting but realize that it takes time to build up your list. You have to first start by taking action, do something even if its just research, get the knowledge you need to take your ideas and passions to the next level. Get up earlier to get done what you need to get done. Understand what works for you, follow your instincts and intuition.

There are three things you need for great marketing:

Copy–  Make sure there is value in what you have to say. Its not about you its about what is important to the reader.
List–  This is the  most important thing, be methodical, remember its not just a list, its how you build a community of like minded people, don’t send the right message to the wrong people.
Offer–  Take it to the next level. Once you establish trust, then offer your customer a product or service that they can’t live without and that will transform their life.

Make your life count! Live your passion!

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What about online videos to boost your business?

Do you know how to leverage technology to boost your business? Videos can make a significant impact on your business, taking the internet to the next level. You don’t even have to have production experience, big expensive cameras, or a production crew, anyone can start with a flip phone camera. Even if you start small it could have a big impact.

All you have to do is share your story, talk about your life. Like attracts like. Inspire people with your passion. Think about it, what is your passion, what is your purpose? Use your story to connect with people on a human level. Talk about simple stuff. Just by sharing your story you can connect with your viewers and build trust, you don’t have to sell them. Then you can use the video to drive people to your web site. By thinking out of the box you can become successful while at the same time promoting your passion. Video will get your message out. Marketing with video will build your contact list so that you can get the most out of your leads. It’s the human connection that helps sell your product.

Google has just bought out youtube and because of this they are giving more preference to videos on their search engines. So its like owning real estate on Google. With your video and the right key words, you will be driving people to your site in no time. Positioning yourself higher on the search engine will bring more visibility and more traffic, which will drive up your views, which will get people to your web site, which will drive up your sales.
Give video a try. It can’t hurt, it can only help.

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Why Is It The Best Time For Women To Be In Business

How are we going to recover from these hard economic times? Well, this message is for us women, it’s time to “Rise” and “Shine”. It’s very important for us women to share our stories with each other, success is not overnight, it is a journey.

One of the reasons why today is the day for women to start a business is because of the shift in the traditional business world. The business world was set up by men. Women have thought that they have to fit into the mindset that business and family, friends and their passions have to be separated. That we have to fit into the 9-5 model. This type of model does not work for women, women’s frustrations and stress come from trying to balance both worlds. But now, women are learning that we can level the playing field by working from home and have the flexibility in our lives that we need to feel like we are achieving all our goals, and build our business around what we want instead.

Because of the technology of the day, women have the advantages of working from home. Without the need for an office and employees. Another great reason why now is the best time for women to start their business is that there is little to no cost for marketing. With all the social media out there it is easier than ever to market our business.

Women can design and create their own business model that is not the traditional one. We can create a more feminine business model that is successful. Women can now focus on their business while their children are in school, then shift their focus to their children when they come home, then be able to get back to work once the children are in bed. So essentially we can work part time, but that is not to say that our business is a hobby. Never forget that the number one reason for being in business is to make money. So even though you may be passionate about what you do you still have to work your numbers. Don’t think that the money part will just work itself out. Do your homework. There is a difference between a non-profit strategy and a non-profit mindset. Even if you do have a non-profit business, you still have to have a for profit mindset.

Listen up women, we only control 1% of the wealth in the world. So for us to control more of the wealth women NEED to realize that it starts with you. Take control of your own wealth and your own family and then there will be a ripple effect and as we gain more wealth we can then make more of the decisions in the world that will bring more peace, because we will affect more change with money. With money there is power. Not power over others, but power to fund YOUR cause, that can change the world. Allow yourself to shine on an internal level, and allow whats inside of you to rise and bloom.

Live the sweet life with a sweet career!