How to Accelerate Your Life

You don’t have to be superwomen to be successful in life. Just follow some simple rules and you will be able to manage your life without stress, frustration, and exhaustion.

There are 3 keys to balancing your life:

Attitude – Life isn’t about what happens to us, its about how we handle what happens to us.
Choices– Make the right choices. You instinctively know what choices are right for you.
Relationships– Develop the right relationships, business and personal.

Start your day right by getting the important things in your life done earlier in the day, that is when you are most focused.  When you start your work day, don’t get started by reading emails that you probably don’t need anyway. Get started with the things that take the most focus. Mornings are usually when your creativity is flowing. You can maximize your time and effort and feel like you have accomplished something  at the end of the day.

To reach your potential customers you don’t have to spent lots of money branding yourself. The latest and most effect way is through Multichannel marketing. Multichannel  is marketing using many different marketing channels to reach a customer. It gives you a chance to fully engage with prospects and customers through  communications, including social media and RSS. You can use your direct response marketing skills to give value everyday for free. Once your customers feel comfortable with you then you can sell what they need that take them to the next level.

The complexities of multi-channel marketing can be daunting but realize that it takes time to build up your list. You have to first start by taking action, do something even if its just research, get the knowledge you need to take your ideas and passions to the next level. Get up earlier to get done what you need to get done. Understand what works for you, follow your instincts and intuition.

There are three things you need for great marketing:

Copy–  Make sure there is value in what you have to say. Its not about you its about what is important to the reader.
List–  This is the  most important thing, be methodical, remember its not just a list, its how you build a community of like minded people, don’t send the right message to the wrong people.
Offer–  Take it to the next level. Once you establish trust, then offer your customer a product or service that they can’t live without and that will transform their life.

Make your life count! Live your passion!

Live the sweet life with:


How Are You Communicating?

Communication is one of the things that can hold you back in business. Grammar IS important. People are judging you by your communication style, your dress, your body language and your speech. One big area where you are judged is your use of pronouns. In business people will pay attention to the emails you send and your social networking profiles. When you are speaking to people and you make a mistake in grammar people may think that you just made a careless error, but when you are writing it you are putting it out there for the world to see. With the technology that is out there today where everything is abbreviated we are loosing our use of correct grammar. Even though you may not be unintelligent you will come across as unintelligent by your improper use of grammar.

The common theme of women who struggle in business is not having presence. You have to remember that as representatives of your companies you will not always be working with people your same age. You will have to deal with people who are older and more mature than you are. So, when you are trying to sell yourselves or your product you should always keep in mind that you will be judged by our presence. So to enhance your presence  you should be concerned about your body language, facial expressions, demeanor, dress, and image.

Another thing to think about is how well you think on your feet. Senior executives will notice things like how long it takes you to answer a question. So you not only need to know the rules of English grammar, but you should also be concerned with our presence. This will help you  to come across as credible. It all comes down to your look, your language and your likability. If you want to be successful in business and in life, you have to be willing to work on yourself, internally and externally.

Live the sweet life with a sweet career!