April 3, 2020

The Moon moves quickly through the zodiac, so Moon transits will only last a day or two.

Moon in Leo trine Chiron in Aries.

The Moon in Leo allows us to relax, play and have some fun, but, Leo is ruled by the Sun. What do planets do? Right……they revolve around the Sun. Leo’s like the spotlight, they love attention and they thrive in an environment where it’s all about them.

This trine allows us to heal any emotional wounds we may have revolving around self-love. It wants us to tap into the positive energy flow that is being sent by the Leo Moon. We are going through a universal healing of self and what that looks like without being egotistical about it. We are tapping into the wisdom of love.

Moon in Leo trine Sun in Aries.

So this transit and aspect are quite interesting. Leo, a fire sign, is receiving positive energy flow from his ruler, the Sun. The Sun is in Aries, a fire sign, receiving positive energy flow from the Moon in Leo. This is a lot of fire hanging out in harmony with the cool Moon.

Take some time to relax into it, find some me time today. Do exactly what this planet & sign is asking you to do. Relax, play and have some fun, be enthusiastic, spontaneous and impulsive about it too! Live life like this is exactly how you planned it to be.

Venus enters Gemini.

Venus is the planet of love, romance, pleasure, comfort and money. When she enters Gemini today, we will tend to want to explore these things a bit more. Gemini is a very curious sign, they spend a lot of time thinking, reading and communicating about the things that interest them. Gemini natives aren’t the most cuddly bunch in the zodiac, but, with Venus visiting here, we can expect to be much more mindful about the things that bring us pleasure.

Venus brings out the best in Gemini, creating an environment that is cheerful and pleasant. Venus will be in Gemini until August 29, 2020, so we have plenty of time to explore the depths of our love, share what brings us pleasure and try new things.

There are a couple of things that you will need to be cautious about though. If your relationship has lost it’s vitality and the excitement has gone, it may not last through this transit. Also, Gemini’s love to spend money and with Venus here, over spending could be a problem.

Mercury in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces.

There is a lot of creative energy happening today and this transit just puts the exclamation point on it. Leo’s are creative, Aries are creative and Pisces is the definition of creativity. There should be no lack of imagination today, so have fun with it.

When combining Mercury’s energy with Neptune’s? And they are both in Pisces? Conversations should be interesting! Colorful! Dynamic! This is the perfect time to “spin some yarn”, tell some tales, write a story, dream and fantasize! Have fun today!!

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