The Monarch of the Sea Cruise

My husband, Lucky & I took a cruise in December of 2013 to the Bahamas on the cruise ship The Monarch of the Seas. This was the first cruise I ever went on and it will probably be my last. I can’t blame the cruise line, though, they were the best. The staff was very friendly, the cabins were spotless and the food was great! All the fault lies on me, I’m just not cut out for this type of entertainment, not to mention all the things that went wrong along the way. First I forgot all my evening dresses at the the house, then I got sea sick, then we made the mistake of renting a scooter when we got to there, I thought we were going to die! There are no traffic rules in the Bahamas, js… But, there were some highlights and we did have some fun and I’ll always cherish the memories.



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